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  • Resources for Clients

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    Resources for Clients

    Some of the resources below are intended for current clients. Others can be used by anyone visiting this site. I hope you find them useful.

    If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the services I offer, please contact me.

    Intake & Symptom Tracking

    Client Portal

    To access the practice client portal, please click on the link above. There you will find intake and ongoing assessment paperwork to be completed online.

    To complete your online neurofeedback symptom tracking questionnaire, please follow the link above.

    Emotion Regulation Practices

    Autogenic Training Recording

    Follow this link to listen to an autogenic training guided practice that will help calm your body and mind.

    Yoga Nidra Practice

    Follow the link to access a beautiful Yoga Nidra guided practice by Lizzy Hill.

    Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Follow this link to learn more about belly breathing for emotion and anxiety regulation.

    Managing Emotional Upset

    This handout describes a handful of useful skills that can be used to manage intense emotions, stress, and anxiety.

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    Follow this link to find a guided progressive relaxation exercise.

    Other Trusted Providers


    Follow this link to learn more about the complementary and alternative health modalities and services available at Farmacopia in Santa Rosa. Services include clinical herbalism, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, body work, and more. Farmacopia pracitioners work with a wide range of conditions, including mood and anxiety, ADHD, and more.