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  • Sil Machado, Ph.D.

    Neurofeedback | Biofeedback | Psychotherapy | Consultation


    We all have the potential to lead a fulfilling life.

    Difficult challenges may keep us from reaching that potential though, and we can find ourselves stuck in repetitive cycles of suffering.

    I am a licensed psychologist in Petaluma. I offer individual psychotherapy for adults, and neurofeedback for children, adolescents, and adults, all focused on the alleviation of symptoms through inner transformation. I also offer clinical consultation to therapists seeking support in their clinical work.

    With close attention to the unresolved emotional pain and nervous system dysregulation that drive symptoms, I help clients create a more satisfying way of living, while finding the transformative potential that life’s difficulties often carry.

    Current Openings

    Neurofeedback/Biofeedback for Children, Teens, & Adults


    Currently accepting new neurofeedback/biofeedback clients.

    Integrative Depth Psychotherapy for Adults


    Not currently accepting new psychotherapy clients.

    Clinical Consultation for Therapists


    Not currently accepting new consultation clients.

    My Approach

    Based on years of training and experience, and my enduring belief in the restorative capacities of the body and the mind, I have developed an effective approach that integrates time-tested and evidence-based methods that help you to resolve the patterns that keep you stuck, to cultivate self-acceptance and meaning, to reconnect with lost parts of yourself, and to overcome painful symptoms.

    I offer a safe, confidential space in which we loosen the grip of old wounds and nervous system dysregulation to uncover the possibility of the life you envision.


    Neurofeedback for Children, Teens, & Adults

    Neurofeedback for Children, Teens, & Adults

    Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

    Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

    Clinical Consultation

    Clinical Consultation

    Areas of Expertise

    Anxiety | Panic


    ADD | ADHD

    Concussion | TBI

    Migraines & Headaches


    Chronic Pain | Fatigue

    Shame | Inadequacy


    Grief | Transitions

    Men's Issues

    ...and More.

    “The wound is the place where the light enters you…”

    – Rumi

    What Former Clients Are Saying...

    “I came to see Dr. Machado for neurofeedback after years of struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and ‘brain fog’ following a head injury. I knew in our first few minutes together that Dr. Machado was an incredibly sensitive, intuitive practitioner. After our first neurofeedback session, I felt different – immediate results!”

    Former Neurofeedback Client

    “We completed our neurofeedback with my son’s anxiety virtually non existent and some typical ADHD behaviors tha were now easily managed by a very small/low dosage of medication. We are so appreciative of Sil’s work!”

    Parent of a Former Neurofeedback Client

    “Before neurofeedback, my daughter’s anxiety was preventing her from doing many things. On bad days, she would even feel anxious being in a crowded store, and might need to leave. She had trouble with anxiety during driving. Neurofeedback “saved her life,” she said. The effect for her was dramatic, and rapid…I don’t know if she would have been able to work if she hadn’t have done the neurofeedback.”

    Parent of a Former Neurofeedback Client

    “I cannot praise Dr. Sil Machado and his neurofeedback too highly. I have my life back—the quality of my life has improved immeasurably since I received neurofeedback for post-concussion symptoms suffered in a car collision over four years ago.”

    Former Neurofeedback Client

    “I am very thankful to Dr. Sil. He changed my life and for that I will be forever grateful.”

    Former Neurofeedback Client

    About Sil Machado, Ph.D., CCTP

    My name is Dr. Sil Machado (he/his/him). Over the last 17 years, I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, elders and couples providing counseling, psychotherapy, neurofeedback, supervision, and consultation services in non-profit, public health, community mental health, medical, and private practice settings.

    As a clinical psychologist, neurotherapist, and certified clinical trauma professional, I consider it a privilege to cultivate meaningful, collaborative relationships in my work – relationships specifically intended to support resilience in clients. I work with clients to find relief from and deeper meaning in their difficulties, and believe that, when carefully attended to, dark moods, unwanted habits, difficult symptoms, and disturbing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors serve as doorways through which a deeper relationship with oneself is possible.

    New Client Information

    New Client Information

    New Client Information

    Here is some useful information for new clients, including information about the intake process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions about neurofeedback? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

    Fees & Insurance

    Fees & Insurance

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