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  • Concussion & TBI

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    Concussion Treatment in Petaluma

    Concussions and brain injuries are more common than we tend to think. Neurofeedback is a highly effective approach to help the brain overcome the effects associated with injury.

    Any significant impact to the head can cause tissue damage to the brain. When this occurs, the neural firing of the affected tissue becomes dysregulated, and often we see high excessively high or low amplitude cortical activity that begins to affect the brain’s functioning.

    Common Symptoms of Concussion/TBI:

    • Emotional reactivity, including anxiety, depression, irritability, and mood swings.
    • Cognitive symptosm, including lack of concentration, “brain fog,” difficulty with attention, and trouble following conversations.
    • Low energy and fatigue.
    • Headaches.
    • Sensitivity to light or sounds.
    • Personality changes.
    • Changes in autonomic nervous system functioning, including alterations in body temperature and rhythms of hunger, satiation, and sleep.
    • Sleep disturbance, including difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and difficulty staying awake.

    Needless to say these symptoms can be quite disruptive in our day-to-day life. But there is hope with neurofeedback training, which teaches the brain to regulate its energy more efficiently and to regain its healthy patterns of neuronal firing. Whether it is a longstanding or more recent injury, clients usually begin to notice improvements within the first few sessions, which most clients completing somewhere between six and 40 sessions, depending on the severity of the injury.