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  • Emotional Regulation

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    Emotional Regulation & Processing in Petaluma

    Do you find it hard to control your emotions? Do your emotions often dictate your response? Do you wish you had the techniques to harness your emotions and move forward with your life? Or, perhaps you have difficult accessing your emotions and you live “in your head.”

    Our emotions are designed to help us understand and make meaning of our experiences and to motivate us to take action based on those meanings. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to use our emotions effectively to inform us about what we want, and instead, many of us find maladaptive ways of coping (e.g., substance abuse, over eating, risky behavior) with emotions.

    Psychotherapy & Neurofeeedback can help you

    • Become more aware of your emotions
    • Welcome, allow and regulate emotions
    • Describe emotions clearly and in detail
    • Evaluate whether the emotions are helpful or hurtful
    • Identify the source of unhelpful emotions
    • Develop alternative, healthy ways of coping with situations that often elicit hurtful emotions

    Neurofeedback works to balance the nervous system so that it can flexibly process emotional experience so that you can use that experience to inform your thoughts and actions. With a more settled nervous system, you are not overwhelmed by your feelings, but can better communicate them to others.

    If you are seeking help identifying, utilizing and processing your emotions, I encourage you to contact me today. Together, we’ll work on increasing awareness of emotions, separating useful from hurtful emotions and using healthy emotions to guide action.

    Contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help.