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  • Synchrony Neurofeedback

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    Synchrony Neurofeedback in Petaluma

    Synchrony Neurofeedback is an important method of brain training used in conjunction with ILF Neurofeedback. Synchrony helps the nervous system to consolidate what has been learned during ILF training, and promotes “synchronous” – that is, similar – activity between the front and the back of the brain. The result is increased stability of functioning and a more profound sense of calm and resilience.

    Synchrony is offered in the infralow range, the alpha range, or the gamma range. Infralow and alpha synchrony are particularly well-suited for clients with anxiety, trauma, attachment issues, OCD, and tics. Gamma Synchrony is helpful for clients with ADD and ADHD.

    Benefits of Synchrony Neurofeedback

    Enhanced Calm

    By helping the brain to integrate learning from ILF Neurofeedback, Synchrony promotes calm, gounding, and centeredness. Because Infralow and Alpha Synchrony are trained on specific site on the head that access the brain’s Default Mode Network, clients report feeling a deeper, more profound connection with themselves, their inner lives, and others.


    Many clients come for neurofeedback with long histories of one difficulty after another. Understandably, these individuals report feeling as though they have lost their ability to recovery, that life has become too much. Synchrony Neurofeedback supports client resilience by helping the brain to steady itself so that it can respond adaptively to life’s challenges.

    Increased Focus & Alertness

    For clients with cognitive issues associated with ADD, ADHD, and dementia, Gamma Synchrony can be helpful. By training faster wave activity at the prefrontal cortex, the brain increases its ability to focus, sustain attention on tasks, and shift attention with ease, while in a state of alert calm. Clients report improved cognitive function with Gamma Synchrony.