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  • Psychotherapy

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    Psychotherapy for Adults in Petaluma

    Please note: I am not currently taking psychotherapy clients.

    I offer a safe, confidential relationship in which you can explore what is of most concern to you. We will balance helping you to learn new ways of dealing with the difficult symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, or other life challenges, while approaching and healing the underlying, unresolved dynamics contributing to these difficulties. 

    In this way, I hope to help you to develop a meaningful relationship with yourself while moving toward the life you want.

    “Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.”

    – Gendlin

    Tailored to Who You Are...

    My approach to therapy varies depending on your needs, but is guided by a holistic understanding of you, your potential, and the innate wisdom of your mind and body. At times we may focus on emotional regulation. At other times, we may need to focus on helping you process unresolved emotions related to loss, grief, or trauma. And still at other times, sandplay, dreamwork, or closely examining our relationship in the here-and-now may be most helpful. 

    Although I tend to work psychodynamically to understand how your past shapes your present, and experientially to move beyond talking about your problems to having an in-session experience that is corrective, I have found that being flexible and tailoring my approach to each client’s unique needs and cultural identities helps to produce the lasting change clients seek.

    Please note that I only offer psychotherapy to adults.
    I offer neurofeedback to children and teens.